Organisational Surveys

Understanding your employees and customers better

Organisational surveys can be powerful tools that identify key issues that need to be addressed, and at the same time, send an important message about the value of two-way communication. They are most effective when conducted as part of a survey feedback mechanism.

Climate & Employee Engagement Surveys

Assess your staff’s perceptions of their working environment on issues such the Organisation; Individual’s Work; Management; Communications; and People Management and Practices. Post survey, we engage staff in the generation of action plans to address any issues or problems identified.


They provide the organisation with the ability to:

  • Determine necessary organisational development and change
  • Assess the culture of the organisation
  • Focus on needs and leverage strengths
  • Identify possible causes of conflict for employees
  • Gives management feedback on the internal workings of the organisation
  • Measures the impact of current policies and practices in the organisation
  • Improve employee’s satisfaction with organisation and raise morale
  • Measures progress on an ongoing basis.

Key features of our approach

The SHRC approach provides a holistic process to conducting organisational surveys. SHRC works with the whole organisation to identify issues, to develop creative and practical solutions and to implement action plans that make a difference to the organisation and its people.

  • Absolute confidenitiality guaranteed.
  • Can take as little as 4-6 weeks to conduct.
  • Individually tailored surveys to focus specifically on the organisational context.
  • Content is planned in consultation with management, staff and key stakeholders.
  • Survey focused specifically on the key people management practices and policies.
  • Online and paper-based options available.
  • Comprehensive communication strategy to build commitment.
  • Ongoing support and build of max. response rates
  • In-depth analyses on the results and examination of correlations
  • Breakdown of results to enable you assess performance at every level.
  • Preparation of comprehensive reports and briefing packs.
  • Recommendations for action based on your survey results.
  • Focus/Action planning groups to enhance future performance and development.
  • Closing the loop by going back to staff with outcomes of survey and actions plans.


In order to maximise participation of the survey and encourage commitment to post-survey action planning, it is necessary to have an effective communications plan.


  1. Meet with all staff to explain survey process, purpose and benefits
  2. Answer staff questions/allay any concerns
  3. Promote and advertise the upcoming survey

During the survey

  1. Keep staff informed
  2. Provide ongoing support
  3. Continue to market the benefits to staff


  1. Senior management briefing
  2. Communication of results and action plans to staff
  3. Further discussion through meetings and focus/action groups

Customer/Client Surveys

Designed for professional service firms, our surveys give you a quick, effective and inexpensive insight into how your clients view your business. Our surveys help identify those services which are critically important to customer satisfaction.


  • Conducted externally, surveys often make people more comfortable to raise issues
  • Identifies areas of excellence in your organisation
  • Enables you to identify the critical service issues for your clients
  • Improves client relationships and increases retention
  • Increase client retention which is key to future success
  • Displays commitment to providing best possible service to your clients
  • Helps differentiate your service from competitors
  • Helps identify additional services that clients need.

Salary & Benefits Survey

Ensure your organisation is an employer of choice and positioned to attract and retain qualified and experienced staff by conducting our Salary and Benefits Survey. Our survey looks at the full range of elements in the compensation and benefits package that affect someone’s decision to join and stay with your organisation.

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