HR Management

One-stop shop for organisations that require professional guidance on all aspects of HR Management

The way people are managed can make the difference between success and failure in any business. Skilled, well motivated staff give your organisation a competitive advantage. SHRC enables our clients to create an environment in which staff are skilled, empowered and encouraged to contribute to the success of the organisation.

HR Strategy Review & Development: Let SHRC help you develop a leading edge strategy to support the achievement of your organisations goals.

Expert HR Advice/HR Compliance: Ensuring you are compliant with national legislation and best practice.

Review of management structures: Provides a comprehensive examination of the roles, composition, reporting relationships and processes of the management team, and their contribution to the strategic development and overall management of the organisation.

Review of HR structures, systems and policies: A thorough audit will provide the background work required to develop a comprehensive HR roadmap for the future. SHRC helps clients introduce policies and practices that support management activities as well as meeting employee expectations.

Job analysis and role profile development: SHRC conducts a detailed analysis of selected position(s) in your organisation to identify, detail and prioritise the position’s responsibilities and requirements and where it fits and how it contributes to the overall success of the organisation.

Developing performance management systems: Implement systems that contribute to improved management practice as well as meeting people’s needs for role clarity, regular feedback from their managers, training and career development.