Employee Relations

Professional advice and support on all matters of employee relations

It is in every employer’s interests to promote a safe, healthy and fair environment. Organisations often face unforeseen employee relations issues. This can be difficult and tedious for most companies. SHRC support organisations as they deal with both employee problems and problem employees.

Employment Law Advice & Support

Avoid potential areas of legal exposure, enabling you to approach employment related decisions with confidence and competence.

Preparation of Contracts of Employment & Staff Handbook

Helping you meet your legal requirements, as well as setting out clear expectations for employees and managers.

Resolving grievance, dignity at work and disciplinary issues

We help you resolve employee grievances; deal with bullying and harassment; or manage disciplinary situations.

Independent workplace investigations

Facilitating the resolution of grievance, dignity at work and disciplinary issues in a fair and timely manner.

Representation at Employment Tribunals

Providing you with expert legal representation if the need arises.